FlorenceBuilt between two rivers, Florence is a city that offers so many unique experiences to guests visiting the “Flowering” city. Some people could spend months and still not check every box off on their list! Here are some of our favorite Food & Wine Experience!

Extraordinary Culinary Experience

Tuscan Food

For those who consider themselves foodies, there is no shortage of incredible Osterie and Tratterie throughout the city. Some of the restaurants have been in families for many generations, offering some of the same dishes made by great great grandparents. There’s also a new food scene blossoming. That’s why it’s best to come to Florence hungry!

Here’s our Favorite: Vini e Vecchi Sapori

If you want an experience where you get to try a few selections of the local flavor, a walking tasting tour may be right for you!

Another culinary option is to take a Tuscan cooking class. With offerings right in the city to classes in a countryside villa, there are incredible options to choose from. The best part: you get to eat it there and make it for yourself when you get home!

Here’s a countryside option: Traditional Italian Cooking Class in the Countryside of Florence

Florence streets at night, wandering and romantically lit

One of my favorite things to do after dinner is wander the romantic streets, finding a wonderful gelato shop to end the night with a stracciatella.

Wonderful Wines

Tuscan Countryside, Rolling hills during sunset

It’s difficult to visit this Tuscan city without trying one of the top things Tuscany is known for: WINE! Within driving distance to many Chianti vineyards, its easy to find one (or three?) vineyards to try!

You can take a Semi-Private Wine and Cheese Tasting for a whole day, and still have more to try!

Art Lovers Delight

Florence is known as an art-lovers destination! Statues by Michelangelo, paintings by Botticelli, statues by Donatello and the vast collection commissioned by the Medici family.

Not solely unique to Florence, but rare to be so well maintained, you’ll find statues and paintings in squares and on buildings throughout the city, not just in well known museums.

If you do want to visit an Art Museum or two while in Florence, we recommend Accademia or Uffizi Gallery.

Is Florence on your bucket list? We’d love to help you plan an amazing Italian Vacation!

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