Are you dreaming of open waters or flowing rivers? We are a team of cruise experts with personal and professional experience in Ocean Cruising as well as River Cruises. We are here to help you plan a wonderful voyage.

Our Cruise Planning Services:

  • Complimentary Discovery Call where we will get to know each other so that we can make personalized recommendations for you
  • Cruise line and destination match making based upon your destination, activity interests, culinary expectations, and entertainment enjoyed. We'll find you the right cruise line and itinerary for you!
  • We provide luxury planning services from the first phone call to your return home.
  • Location guidance - Passport and visa requirements, large group options, child friendly accommodations, accessibility and more!
  • Logistics - whether you've got young kids who need car seats, bigger kids busy with sports interests, or multiple families with various interests all traveling together - we can help bring the group together for some activities, coordinate accommodations and travel logistics.
  • We specialize in cruises that bring you to new destinations and provide you with new experiences around the world.

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