Arctic and Antarctic Travel

Traveling to the ends of the earth is an unforgettable experience. Spectacular landscapes (or should we call them "ice scapes?"), unique wildlife, and ancient cultures. Whether you want to dogsled along the Arctic Circle or do a Polar Plunge with Penguins in Antarctica, you will be left with memories of a lifetime.



Accessible primarily by boat across the Drake Passage, Antarctica gives visitors the ultimate experience. Itineraries by luxury cruise lines offer landings via zodiac boats, polar plunges, submarine adventures, and glass bottom kayaking.



"Iceland is Green and Greenland is covered in ice." That tracks! Much of the island is uninhabited and leads to exquisite and untouched natural beauty. There is also a unique opportunity to learn about the Inuit culture.



With a landscape filled with waterfalls, glaciers, natural hot springs and active volcanoes - it's impossible to be bored in Iceland. The locals are welcoming and part of the reason Iceland is an exceptional vacation destination.



If you're yearning to see the Northern Lights, Norway offers you the best chance during the right time of year. This Scandinavian country is known for the stunning fjords, majestic mountain and fishing.



If you enjoy hiking, boating or fishing, Sweden offers a natural beautiful backdrop for these activities. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden offers a vibrant city with world-class museums, restaurants and nightlife.