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We're the team of expert travel agents at TF Voyages, and we're here to help you craft and execute the vacation that's been on your mind lately. Please read a bit more to learn about who we are and how we can help you.

Who are we?



Owner, Luxury Travel Agent

I can remember sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table when I was very young hearing about her adventures with her brother to Europe, Mexico, Central America, and across the United States. There were giggles, there were cordial disagreements about who recalled the event order correctly. It was the joy that travel brought to our family.

I have visited 33 states, 19 countries and I lived abroad for a summer in Paris, studying French at the Sorbonne. I have a love of authentic local cuisine, good wine, and active adventures. I owned a wedding planning company for 5 years and attribute the success to my ability to organize many moving pieces and details while providing a low-stress, high-enjoyment experience to my clients.

I’m a mom of 3 young children, so I know what it means to plan the parents getaway vacation to get some down time, or what can make a family trip more relaxing from our first call together to your return flight.

I’d love to hear about your travels and where you’d like to go next. Or maybe you’re just getting started and I can help you find the places to travel that will bring you joy.



Luxury Travel Agent

I spent over 30 years in the corporate world, traveling the globe for business and pleasure, taking every opportunity I could get to explore. I spent a few years relaxing in retirement but missed some of the hustle of a career and have always enjoyed making perfect itineraries for friends visiting various cities around the world. This is why I decided to join the TF Voyages team.

I have been to all 50 states (and fondly recall even driving past corn fields in Kansas for what felt like days), visited numerous countries across Europe and South America. I loves traveling solo, with my husband, and with my family - but also love helping others  realize their travel dreams.



Luxury Travel Agent

I am a Military wife to an active duty Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. I have visited numerous states and lived in 7! I have  lived in the desert and the mountains and have an appreciation for hiking and National Parks. I currently living on the coast and frequently visit the beach. I'm an expert of travel with young children, with 3 of my own.

I found my love of travel when I cruised extensively on Disney and Royal Caribbean, visiting ports in the Caribbean and Mexico. My personal adventures and professional experience have included large groups - some of my fondest travel memories. I truly understands what goes into the dynamics of group travel!

I'm excited to help clients travel to explore the world and create amazing memories!

Training Certifications

It is important that our travel consultants to well educated in the offerings of the various travel providers; cruise lines, resorts, tour companies, and destinations. One way to do this is to travel the world - We're off to a good start and will continue! The other way is to learn as much as possible about the products out there so that when clients approach TF Voyages, we can get to know them and their travel interests - then I can match them with a vacation options that will exceed their expectations. We're the ultimate match makers! Give us a call and we can discuss your travel interests and get you started on your next journey!

Hawaii Destination Expert
Bahamas destination specialist
Bahamas romance specialist
Jamaica Destination Expert
Seabourn Academy Graduate
Celebrity Certified Travel Advisor
Royal Caribbean Master of Adventure