Favorite Surprise Christmas Gifts

Who wouldn't love the gift of Travel under their Christmas tree?! We've had many clients plan incredible surprises with our help! There are two in particular that I can think of that were extra special!

Replacement Honeymoon

Thanks to Covid, this couple wasn't able to take their honeymoon. The husband called us in early December and wanted to plan an incredible cruise for their anniversary as a make-up Honeymoon. How romantic! We got to work planning a spectacular cruise to the Southern Caribbean. We helped put together a "ticket" that could be wrapped under the tree. It was all buttoned up by the time Christmas rolled around and the wife was SO excited about this cruise!

They planned excursions together over the next few months and once their cruise came along, they had so many wonderful adventures, meals, and first class accommodations planned! It was sure to be a wonderful time.

When they returned, they were over the moon about how much fun they had. It was time to start planning their next vacation.

Italian Family Adventure

We LOVE when parents get in touch with us hoping to give their children the gift of travel. I've got 3 young children and look forward to our adventures as they grow up. So this request hit a special note for me.

Parents wanted to take their grown children to Italy for 10 days visiting my two favorite Italian cities, Rome and Florence. I worked to put together an incredible itinerary that included wine tastings, pasta makings, historical tours and much more. Their days were full, but not exhausting. We arranged reservations at some wonderful restaurants. Part of our concierge service is calling the hotels and making sure all arrangements are made, confirming dining reservations, and making sure clients feel knowledgeable and empowered to make the most of our vacation. WE LOVE what we do.

and we LOVE when we do it as a Christmas present under the tree!