European Travel with Kids!

Traveling with a young family to Europe can be intimidating - but there are so many incredible sites and activities to see and experience as an elementary school aged child!

Here are some of our top destination recommendations for traveling to Europe with school-aged children (and adults who are children at heart!)

Roman Colosseum travel destination with children

Rome, Italy

Children start learning about international destinations when they're in elementary school. The Colosseum is probably on the cover of their history book at some point. Wouldn't it be amazing for them to be able to see it in person and get to walk in the steps of Julius Caesar? It's more than possible!

Rome Food Market

Kid-friendly activities are available including pizza and gelato making! They can also take a step back in time and make mosaic art. Kids will also enjoy viewing water fountains and tasting food during markets in Campo de Fiori. The Villa Borghese gardens also have fun activities nearby including a playground, trains and more!

London, England

With plenty of options for children's activities and English as the national language, London often ends up on the top of parents' travel lists for first European destinations!

What kid wouldn't love to take Europe's tallest Ferris wheel (the London Eye) way into the sky to see the London skyline? Do plan for some longer lines and buy your tickets in advance. But it's totally worth it! Another fun way to see London is via bus with two awesome options: (1) on the duck boats- seeing landmarks of central London with their distinctive yellow vehicles or (2) on an open-top bus. Both share historical stories and keep children engaged! There is also a Hop-On Hop-Off bus that allows you to explore the city at your own pace!

You can also explore the Royal side of London in Buckingham Palace (when open/available), take a day trip to Windsor Castle, or visit the Royal Mews (where they store the stage coaches and some of the royal stables). While you're at it, you should plan on attending at least one Afternoon Tea (they have kid-friendly options!)

And lastly, we would be remiss to not mention the magical experience of the Harry Potter walking tour!

Cortona Italy Small town charm

Our tips for international travel with children:

  • You may be tempted to fill every day with experiences or to fill your itinerary with multiple countries. It's a good idea to build some downtime into your itinerary, so you have the opportunity to explore a bit off the beaten path!
  • Small towns have a ton of charm! Explore outside of the major cities! You'll likely receive a warm welcome, a full plate, and a local cultural experience.
  • Have a plan in case you get separated - it can happen (especially using Metro)!
  • Be sure that you read hotel descriptions carefully to make sure the room can accommodate your family! (Or better yet, have your travel agent check ;)) It can sometimes be confusing with the way European hotels describe their rooms.
  • Stay in a centrally located hotel so that you can easily visit sites and restaurants without a long transfer time each day.
  • Be sure to pack for your mode of transportation! If you plan on bringing your luggage on a train- try to limit yourself to a carry on suitcase per person.

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