Top Beach Vacation Destinations for Busy Professionals

Is work-life balance a bit of a myth to you right now? Perhaps one of these top destinations will be just what you need to put the "balance" back in "Work-Life Balance!"

Saint Lucia

Pitons of St Lucia

Saint Lucia offers a wide variety of resorts, activities, landscapes and opportunities for unplugging! Part of a volcano formation of islands known as the Lesser Antilles, it boasts natural hot springs and mud springs, botanical gardens, spectacular marine life, lush beaches, and incredible resorts.

The notable landscape includes two large Pitons (pointy mountains) that crash into the Caribbean Sea on the West Coast of the island. Some of the best views are seen by catamaran, which is often a preferred mode of transportation from one side of the island to another - as the roads can be windy and hilly.

Kaua'i, Hawaii

Kaua'i is known as the most scenic island of Hawaii. It's spoiled with lush greenery, dramatic coastline, and Waimea make it the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. Kaua'i is perfect for escaping the faster-paced islands of Oahu and Maui. It can be a great idea to pair Kaua'i after a few days on another island. A day in Kaua'i can include:

(1) a visit to the Napali coast via catamaran or helicopter, it is also a spectacular place to hike, if you're up for it!

(2) A hike in Waimea Canyon, known as "The Grand Canyon of Hawaii"

(3) Kayak the Wailua River

(4) Explore majestic waterfalls

Multi-Island Cruise

A cruise to multiple islands can be a perfect way to balance a relaxing day at the beach, with incredible food, lively entertainment, and fun for the whole family. Top cruise destinations include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska and Hawaii! Ships offer specialty fine dining, kids clubs that allow drop-off services for adult time, if that's desired, multiple venues for entertainment, onboard waterslides, surf simulators, bumper cars, laser tag and more!

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