Antarctica Highlights

As the coldest continent, Antarctica makes up for the temperatures in pure beauty. With no permanent residents, there are still incredible opportunities for visitors to come and admire the breathtaking views. Thousands of people travel to Antarctica via cruise every year. It's becoming a top luxury destination on many world-travelers' bucket lists.

Here are the top things you'll experience when visiting Antarctica:

  1. Stunning land and sea scapes: Antarctica is known for floating ice bergs, minimal land viewing, and stunning ice cliffs.
    Antarctica is called the "Land of Snow and Ice" because it is covered in a thick sheet of ice, sometimes over a mile and a half high. There is a mountain range that divides the continent into eastern and western regions and is over 2,000 miles long. While the island is covered in snow, the relative amount of rain or snowfall each year is low.
  2. Majestic Wildlife: Countless whales and Penguins will escort you along the way
    Antarctica has a diverse ecosystem with no terrestrial mammals. It is home to a range of marine animals and birds. Antarctica is most known for it's Emperor Penguins which live in colonies around the coast of Antarctica. Orca whales also call Antarctica home year-round, feeding on seals and krill in the frigid waters. Antarctica also homes many species of seals, including the Elephant Seal (which gets its name from the size, nearly 2500 lbs!)
  3. Endless Starry Nights: With little interruption by nearby lights, a clear starry night view can be
    Did you know that stars twinkle because the atmosphere over your hometown is turbulent and gives the appearance of wobble in the stars? The calm air above Antarctica makes it the top destination for stargazing. It can be incredible in the early morning before the sun rises. One of the best sights can be the entire Milky Way as seen in Antarctica.

If you're considering a voyage to Antarctica, it's critical that you go with a company that is reputable as the conditions can be treacherous if not expertly guided. There are many world renowned cruise lines that provide a luxury experience for visiting Antarctica.