Paris, I. Love. You. | Part 1

Eiffel TowerImagine walking down a cobblestone road, dusk has a hold on the city, there is a general buzz of conversation around you as restaurant lights put a glow onto your path while providing mouthwatering scents that make you start to realize that perhaps it’s time to slow down for the day.

You stop to enjoy a sidewalk cafe meal nestled in at a small romantic table. You order a rich French Bordeaux to start with while you peruse the menu. That’s when your mind wanders back to all you’ve seen and done that day and you sit with your travel companions smiling as you discuss the day’s happenings and the anticipation of tomorrow’s adventures. 

Latin Quarter, Paris FranceWhy does this trip feel so easy… so natural? Because you’ve been given abundant information from someone who has lived in Paris, attended Sorbonne Universite, visited with family, ventured beyond the city limits for romantic day trips, and has planned Parisian honeymoons and getaways countless times for people just like you. You’re in expert hands.

No two days are the same in Paris - its an expansive city and a well planned visit will help you make the most of it. It’s heartbeat is infectious and you soon get into a routine of a croissant and cafe American for breakfast, perhaps with fresh squeezed orange juice. You hop on Le Metro, which in it’s dense infrastructure never puts you more than a few short blocks from your destination. You tour and experience uniquely Parisian places. You have a sandwich jambon-beurre, Butter and ham on a crispy French baguette (amazing!) or a croque monsieur, a Parisian staple. You become more comfortable navigating this capital city as you go- using your Navigo Decouverte to hop on and off the subway and busses with ease and a sense of freedom to go anywhere.

If you’re reading this and thinking that it sounds intimidating, or that you aren’t even sure what a Navigo Devouverte is and if you need one - reach out to me. I’m here to make the most of your time in France to prepare you for a trip of a lifetime. Paris Metro Station

For now - enjoy this multi-part France Blog for some travel ideas, some Parisian secrets, and mistakes not to make (from someone experienced in learning from them!) And some stories of amazing Parisian experiences. 

Here is Part 2 of our Paris, I. Love. You. Blog Series

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