Alaska Packing Essentials

Packed Luggage

Overpacking for Alaskan cruises is easy - but there are also some essentials that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s our guide to packing for Alaska


Traveling during the summer (May-September), layers and combinations of material weights and levels of water resistance are key wardrobe items. That’s because it starts off cool in the morning, but the afternoon sun can get warm and the breeze in the evening can bring a chill. Here’s what we’d recommend:

  • Long pants/jeans
  • Short-sleeve cotton shirts
  • Long-sleeve cotton shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Heavy socks (especially if you’re going to do an excursion on top of a glacier)
  • A mid-weight jacket
  • A rain jacket
  • Hiking boots or weather resistant shoes
  • Hats & Gloves
  • Bathing Suit - so you can watch the snow from a hot tub or the spa!

Capturing the Moments

There will be wildlife and spectacular scenes all around, here are some essentials for seeing it, and capturing it!

  • Camera with zoom lens (and extra SD card!)
  • Binoculars
  • Adapter for uploading/backing up your photos mid-trip

Adventure Essentials

Depending on the excursions taken, some other needs may include ways of keeping belongings dry (check with the tour operator, they often provide) and

  • Umbrella
  • Wet Bag
  • Waterproof Cell Phone Holder
  • Water Bottle (Some sites don’t sell them in a conservation effort)
  • Backpack

Lastly - weather is variable, wildlife is finicky, and seas change. Bringing a go-with-the-flow attitude will make for an enjoyable and fulfilling trip.

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