A day in Glacier Bay – Part 2, coffee, rangers, the approach

It’s 5:45am, you’re under-caffeinated but your excitement is carrying you on a quest for cappuccino so that you can sit and admire nature’s beauty with a warm beverage. You’re not the only one dressed and ready to hit the upper deck to take in every sound, smell and sight from Glacier Bay. Necks are draped with cameras. It is still quiet, but there is a background hum of coffee makers and bustling kitchens. After finding a cappuccino and making your way back to the room – you look behind your ship, and there is another ship –  just as large –  making their way into the same small passage.

Glacier Bay National ParkThen you see what looks like a small boat pull up to the other ship and get very close. At first you question if their ship has an early-morning a small boat excursion. But what they’re doing is bringing a day-long excursion to you. The boat then approaches your ship and you see 3 people climb aboard. Glacier Bay is a National Park (Thanks, Teddy Roosevelt!), and as such, there are guided tours given by Park Rangers. These 3 guests are your guides for the day.

Glacier Bay National Park WaterfallIt’s later in the morning now. Thankfully your room service breakfast has been delivered – complete with carafe of coffee. A slow morning after days of adventure in Alaska is just what you needed. You look past the bow and see that the mountains on either side of the bay cast

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