A day in Glacier Bay – Part 1, the wee hours

With 4 hours’ difference, you’re still getting used to the time change from the east coast, so around 4:30am- when the sun is coming up- you can see a sliver of early light coming from behind your blackout curtains. You throw on an oversized sweater or bathrobe and head out on your balcony.

Glacier Bay Entry

Dramatic scenery at dawn of the entry to Glacier Bay

The water is a sheet of glass. There is a fog so low that you can see treetops on small islands, but can’t see where they meet the water.

The ship is barely moving. There is no wake after a ship that is 10 football fields long, 18 stories high, with thousands of people on board.

It’s silent. Are you the only one awake to see the whale off the port side of the bow? You hear fellow cruisers react to an otter splashing. You’re not alone, but you feel a special intimacy with nature as if you’re the only one there. You can just sit there, breathing in the clean, crisp, morning air. All you need is a coffee – that’s where we’ll pickup next!

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