What’s TF stand for?

I can remember sitting in my grandmothers kitchen where she would tell of her adventures traveling the world with her siblings (mainly her brother, Bob who had been in the Peace Corps and Navy), and she would always say "You get to enjoy every trip three times - when you're planning, when you're there, and when you share stories and reminisce."

She was a right- as always.

I first fell in love with Paris in 7th grade when I took my first European grand tour visiting Paris during the World Cup, Montpellier and the Italian Rivera. I went back to live a summer in Paris during college and officially declared it my second home.

When thinking of a company name, I wanted to pay homage to my grandmother (who I've been to quite a few countries with) as well as my love of Paris. So TF stands for "Trois Frois" or "Three Times."

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